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Get the names of your loved ones etched in gold and diamond jewellery (Rings and Pendants) with no extra charges.

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IGI Certification

Every product comes with a IGI certification. IGI is the largest laboratory for certification of diamonds and fine jewellery. As the world's largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute for diamonds, colored gemstones and jewellery, IGI is a standard of excellence for industry professionals and consumers around the globe. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic IGI Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world, and should be considered an essential part of any transaction.

IGI Diamond Reports have different formats and presentations, customized to serve a wide range of consumer demand in our different worldwide markets. Regardless of format, every IGI Diamond Report is issued according to the strict international standards and security features for which IGI is known.

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GIA Certification

GIA has since been considered the world's foremost authority in gemmology. Global standards were created by GIA to accurately determine quality of diamonds (4Cs - Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat), coloured stones and pearls. GIA reports (not certificates) offer technical information on the dimensions, quality and identifying characteristics of a diamond. They represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. With an increase in the number of consumers looking for authentication on the diamond purchased, GIA has ensured that the certification it offers provides accurate details to the consumer.

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SGL Certification

Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories (SGL) is an independent international laboratory that provides professional gemstone identification and grading services to the gems & jewellery industry worldwide. They are also the first international gemmological laboratory to specialise in certifying diamond studded jewellery in the United Kingdom. All SGL laboratories, as a part of the seamless network, use the same system, process, technology and methodology globally to provide top of the line service to the gems & jewellery industry.

HRD Certification

The Diamond Lab of HRD is one of the largest diamond labs in the world that adheres to the rules for grading polished diamonds set by the International Diamond Council. HRD Antwerp has many in-house experts who apply the most stringent grading conditions for examining the diamonds for quality. The Diamond Lab applies an uncompromising operating code which it supports by using some of the most sophisticated technology and qualified graders that work in the industry.

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