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Peacock Collection

The Peacock Collection – Diamond Earrings, Pendants and Rings

The beautiful peacock feather that adorns Krishna’s crown has an interesting story.

When the mellifluous notes from Krishna’s flute enchanted the peacocks of Govardhan hills they spontaneously burst into a dance. The King of the Peacocks, in sheer ecstasy, offered his only jewel, his plumage, as Gurudakshina, to Krishna who accepted them lovingly and came to wear them! Can’t imagine Krishna without those beautiful peacock feathers!

As the peacock is considered a symbol of Lord Krishna, Jewel Country’s Peacock collection features feather designs and different styles that are in green and blue like the peacock.

The gold used comes in two varieties of gold- 18K white gold and 18K yellow gold. The gold is intricately paired with diamonds to deliver a look of utmost beauty that is perfect for your loved one.

The diamonds used in the Peacock Collection come with the unique option of allowing you to choose the clarity and colour of diamonds you desire. The clarity ranges from VVS to VS to SI, and the colour ranges from E-J, leaving you with the power of choice.

Wear this collection and stay as beautiful as the notes from Krishna’s flute!