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Get the names of your loved ones etched in gold and diamond jewellery (Rings and Pendants) with no extra charges.

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Libra Collection

Libra Collection

Strike a balance Libra!

If you're looking to perfectly balance the bling and your dress,the Libra collection will be perfect for you.

The Collection features zodiac symbol of Libra that can be paired with a number of different outfits. Simple yet elegant, these designs are crafted specially for women in gold, diamonds and Pink Tourmaline. The Pink Tourmaline infuses love and gentleness in combination with the metal.

Yellow gold and rose gold are the two stunning colours on the website ready to be purchased. It comes in 18K gold.

This collection of studded rings and pendants are created to complement the Libra's gracious and fair-minded personality.

Wear a balance.