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Get the names of your loved ones etched in gold and diamond jewellery (Rings and Pendants) with no extra charges.

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Rarely, very rarely does a diamond sparkle with the three virtues ... Trend, Transparency and Trust, the 3 Ts as we call it in Jewel Country. But then, each of our diamonds is rare in that sense, and we choose our diamonds with care, for we know that for you, it is not just a beautiful stone, it is something that is meant forever. While our designs are truly trendy, and our pricing is absolutely transparent, we make no compromises on the quality that you will be getting. We provide various levels external and internal quality certifications to ensure that you get what you aspire for. So when you do choose your special diamond from Jewel Country, remember to enjoy and celebrate the 3 Ts!

Keeping pace with existing trends is one thing... beginning a new trend, is something else. With an expert team of artists and designers working in tandem, the innovations and designs in our catalogue can make it difficult for you to settle for just one. So no matter what you set your heart on, get ready to make heads turn!

No matter what your desire - The trends of the streets or of those of your heart, we at JC are here to satisfy your needs. Because JC is 'Inspired by You'.

  • Preset Jewellery
    Not an expert on diamonds? Not to worry! Our pre-set jewellery not only will dazzle with their trendiness, but our experts have also ensured that they pay meticulous attention to the quality in each of these diamonds. So when you carry home the stone that melts your heart, you can be sure that it will be forever!
  • Customize it!
    Be your own designer! Yes, at Jewel Country, feel free to choose from over 1,00,000 diamonds that are completely certified, giving you the best. You can customize the cut, colour and shape of the diamond that fills your heart and fits your pocket! You can further customize the metal, metal purity and side stones, so that you never have to compromise.
    While you customize your purchase, it will always be helpful to know a little more about the most important aspects of Diamonds - The 4Cs
    • Cut - The cut of a diamond is the most important characteristic of diamonds and determines the shine of the diamond and the quality of the workmanship. It determines the amount of light reflected by the diamond and is dependent on the depth of the cut, the angle of the pavilion, the symmetry and the polish.
    • Clarity - Clarity is a term used to describe the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. In other words, the clarity of a diamond refers to a diamond's clearness or purity.
    • Colour - Diamonds are valued by how closely they approach colourlessness - the less colour, the higher the diamond's value.
    • Carat weight - This specifically describes the Diamond's weight and not size. Larger carat weights are rare and valuable.
    Metal Customization: You can choose the carat and colour of the metal, and also opt for rhodium plating as per your choice.
    So go ahead create your own trend and we would be pleased to deliver. At JC we truly believe we are 'Inspired by You'


  • Price Breakup
    Besides making sure that you get the best price for your jewellery, at JC we want you to know in detail what exactly are you paying for. Which is why, we help you understand what you are paying for, with our unique price break-up system. At JC you will not find one single price for your product, but complete break-up between the central diamond, side stones, metals making charges and even the VAT component. Not just the price you get break up of quantity of each element that has gone in to making your favourite design. Just look at the small illustration below and you would know why Transparency is one of our guiding principles.
  • Lowest Prices Assured
    At JC, we constantly strive to give you the best. So why not when it comes to the price of the product. You can be rest assured that you will receive the best price not only among the online retailers, but also compared to High Street Prices. (HSP)
    We ensure this by keeping a wide search and vendor base for diamonds and other gem stones, enabling us to price the products most competitively. As a result, we assure the best price and offer to match the price in case there is any source which gives better than our price for a comparable product.
    So go ahead, choose your dream jewellery and leave it to us to give you the best price.


Your trust in us keeps us working towards providing you the best. And this trust we believe should not stop with the product alone, but in every aspect of our dealings with you. We therefore give a lot of stress on the quality of product and service, so that your complete purchase experience is a pleasure.

  • Quality
    Quality is one of our most important pillars of trust. In order to ensure that you only have to focus your attention on the best design to choose from, we undertake a host of back end checks re-checks to deliver the quality that befits the design you choose. We therefore provide you with jewellery, which has diamonds that are IGI certified and the complete jewellery is BIS hallmarked. We just don't stop with this and provide of seal of quality on your product and assure replacement/remedy in case you have any reason to believe our products do not match the prescribed specifications. Just leave the quality worries on us and enjoy the experience of choosing or creating the design of your choice.
  • Highest Service Levels
    Our commitment towards you does not end just by you making a purchase and we delivering it. We believe, our relation is forever. Towards our belief we have adopted a number of service offerings like Fully Insured Shipping, Cash on Delivery, 30 Day Return Policy, Lifetime Exchange and so on to ensure that while you enjoy wearing our jewellery, you remember us for the service and purchase experience. Come over and experience our service, as we continue to be 'Inspired by You'. Know More about our services